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Quality Clauses / Requirements - Rev 06/09/08





The supplier shall notify and obtain approval from Valley Etching, Engraving & Design, Inc., dba: FDC Grafixx (FDC) for changes in design, manufacturing or assembly processes or source of supply of their products,whenever such changes affect FDC orders.


FDC Inspection:


FDC, FDC customer, and/or their authorized inspection agency, and/or applicable regulatory agencies, shall have the right to send representatives to the seller’s facilities and/or those facilities the seller subcontracts to, for surveillance and periodic surveys and to participate in inspection and test to determine compliance with the requirements of the contract.  Access shall be given to all applicable records. 

Without additional charges, the seller and/or their subcontractor shall make his facilities available for these activities and provide all reasonable support for the safety and convenience of these representatives during their stay at the seller’s and/or their subcontractor’s plants and facilities.


Seller shall presume that all drawings, specifications and other technical data or goods provided by buyer to seller contain information  subject to export control laws, whether or not specifically identified or marked as such by buyer.  Seller shall not disclose (oral, visual, written or otherwise) or provide such drawings, specifications and other technical data or goods to any foreign person (including but not limited to seller’s employees, seller’s subcontractor’s, etc) or foreign firm or institution, without first obtaining prior authorization from the United States Department of State, and notifying buyer in advance of its intentions to do so.  A “Foreign firm or institution” means those organized or existing under the laws of a country other than the United States, its territories, or possessions.  The term includes any agency or instrumentality of a foreign government, and firms, institutions or business organizations that are owned or substantially controlled by foreign governments, firms, institutions or individuals.  A “Foreign person” does not include United States citizens and corporations and permanent resident aliens of the United States.  Seller shall include this clause in all its purchase contracts and solicitations.


Physical and Chemical Test Reports Identified to Specific Lots -

When the applicable specifications establish requirements for chemical and/or physical properties, Seller shall include with the packing sheet, for each lot in each shipment test reports or copies thereof which provide quantitative evidence that the materials shipped possess the chemical and/or physical properties required by the applicable specifications.  Reports must provide manufacturer’s name, specification number and revision date or change letter and must be identified to or correlated with specific lots. 


Quality System Requirements-applicable to all procurements

Suppliers will implement and maintain a quality management system compliant with the applicable Quality System Standard or Specification indicated below or as appropriate for the type of product being delivered to FDC.


Quality System Level          Applicable Quality System Standard                Supplier Description

          Level 1                         ISO 9001, AS/EN9100                                          Mfr with Design Authority

          Level 2                         ISO 9001                                                                Mfr (Build-to-Print)

                                                                                                                                Value Added Distributor

          Level 3                         ISO 9001, AS9120                                 Pass-thru Distributor

          Level 4                         ISO 9001, ISO 10012-1, ANSI-Z540-1                Processor/Services

          Level 5                         Per applicable statement of work                       Commercial Items

          Level 6                         Purchase order Terms & Conditions            Tooling


The supplier shall maintain Quality records in accordance with applicable Quality System standards (i.e. ISO 9001,AS/EN9100).  The records shall be retained for a period of not less than ten (10) years from completion of purchase order.  Records must be made available to customer and regulatory agencies when requested.  Records shall include, but not be limited to:

·        Records to indicate control of Special Tooling and Special Test Equipment



The supplier is to flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements in the purchase order,

including key characteristics where required.



The suppliers system for control of nonconforming material shall provide for timely reporting of nonconformities that may affect already delivered product, including any continuing airworthiness actions.  Notification to FDC buyer shall include clear description of the discrepancy, which includes as necessary; parts affected, customer and/or supplier part numbers, quantities and date(s) delivered.


            Corrective and Preventive Action - The supplier shall respond to all requests for corrective action on or before the requested response due date.  The response must be submitted on the supplier’s letterhead, unless otherwise directed to complete the FDC’s Supplier Corrective Action Request .  Supplier shall provide information related to immediate action taken, (check of stock, work in process), root cause, root cause corrective action, preventive action taken and date of implementation.  The supplier is accountable for effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions taken.


            Corrective Action Response Extensions – FDC may grant the supplier an extension for their corrective action response on a case-by-case basis.   Suppliers may formally request a time extension at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the assigned corrective action response due date.  Request must be in writing with adequate justification documenting the status of the investigation, revised corrective action completion dates and a listing of previous actions taken toward implementation of effective preventive action, as applicable.




Each packing slip, certification and test report (when required by specification) must be marked with the ordered part number, purchase order number, revision, lot/batch numbers and serial numbers (if applicable).  Failure to comply may result in the rejection of the material.


The seller shall provide and maintain inspection requirements acceptable to FDC covering the materials/services ordered herein and shall tender to FDC for acceptance, only material that has been inspected in accordance with

said inspection requirements and has been found to be in accordance with purchase order requirements.


Certificate of Conformance


With each shipment of items covered by this purchase order, supplier shall submit a Certificate of Conformance, signed by a responsible representative, that constitutes a representation by the

Supplier that:


1)      Materials used are those specified by the buyer and the items delivered were produced from materials for which the supplier has, on file, reports of chemical or physical analysis and any other required evidence of conformance of such items to applicable specifications.


2)      Processes used in the fabrication of items delivered are in compliance with applicable specifications forming a part of this order.


3)      The items, as delivered, comply with all specifications and other requirements of this order. In case of drop shipment, a copy of the above certificate shall be submitted directly to the buyer at time of shipment.



As required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the chemical

supplier is to send FDC a  Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each initial chemical supplied under this purchase order, and any subsequent chemical supplied hereunder, wherein the chemical supplier has made corrections, deletions, or alterations of any kind to the MSDS.

MSDS sheet to be supplied with material.

Suppliers of Age-Sensitive Materials

Provide original manufacturing/cure date, lot numbers(s), expiration date or length of shelf life (if indefinite, so state).  In addition, forward any special storage/handling instructions.  Supplier is responsible to determine if acceptance test report submittal is required in accordance with applicable material specification. 

The supplier shall physically identify the shelf life expiration date on the deliverable product or the unit packaging according to the applicable standard.

Supplier First Article Inspection (FAI)

First Article Inspection (FAI) shall be performed per the requirements of AS9102, “Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement” as per the revision level established at time of purchase order issuance.  First Article Inspection (FAI) shall be performed prior to product acceptance and shipment to FDC.

A copy of the First Article Inspection Report shall be submitted to FDC as part of the shipping documentation. 

If the supplier already has FAI documentation on file for the same configuration of product noted in the purchase order and is still compliant with AS9102 paragraph 5.3 requirements, a new FAI is not required.

FAI Forms are contained in the Appendix of AS9102.  Forms other than those contained in the Appendix may be used, however they must contain all “Required” and “Conditionally Required” information and have the same field reference numbers.

Suppliers may obtain copies of the AS9102 forms from



The FAI shall be retained as a Quality Record for a minimum of ten years from completion of the last purchase order for that part number with the same revision level.


Revision Level

When physically possible, the supplier shall mark the engineering revision of the materials adjacent to the part number in accordance with MIL-STD-130. The revision is defined as the revision of the drawing or the latest engineering change, which ever is higher.  If the drawing is a “No Change”, the letters “N/C” shall be used.  Failure to mark the engineering revision will result in rejection of the materials.


Prepare for delivery in accordance with best commercial practice for domestic shipment which shall be sufficiently sturdy to ensure safe delivery from the point if origin to the destination specified herein.


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